Chicago Lovin’

Hello fellow wanderers! I’m a little behind on posts, and I apologize, but I’m gearing up for my biggest adventure yet in just two short months. But this past Saturday I had the pleasure of taking a day trip to my first love, Chicago. Beautiful, isn’t she? Chicago is the first place I remember falling … More Chicago Lovin’

Oh, Oahu.

Sorry for the delay, folks! Now that I have some free time, Let’s talk about my latest adventure: Oahu, Hawaii. I had the pleasure of staying with one of my oldest friends and her husband and daughter on the Marine Corps Base located in Kaneohe Bay. Never having been to a military base, I’m not … More Oh, Oahu.

California Girl

Hello wonderful people! Sorry for the delay in posts, but I wanted to give myself one full week here in Pinecrest, CA before I wrote anything. So, we’ll stat off with my job. I’m here living and working at the Pinecrest Chalet (for those who are unaware, basically it’s a bunch of cabins and townhouses … More California Girl

Are We There Yet?

Hello travelers! I am currently many thousands of feet up in the air for the second time today. Exciting, isn’t it? I am aboard the always lovely Southwest Airlines, and it has been an interesting travel day for sure. On my first flight one of he lovely flight attendants sang us her own verion of … More Are We There Yet?