Get To Know The Traveler

Hello readers! So, as this is my first time blogging, please excuse any awkwardness or uncertainty in my writing. Also, thanks for checking out my site! Share away, my friends!10492366_10203337765157024_1470041421083439327_n

So, this is me. My name is Bri and this picture pretty much sums up when I was bitten by the travel bug. Back in 2014, I traveled to Costa Rica with a group from high school and ever since I just want to go EVERYWHERE. And so, that’s what I plan to do. Previously the only traveling I did was through reading, but now I am going to visit the same places my characters came alive. Sounds fun, right? I thought so. So, a little more in-depth about me: I am 22, have previously been engaged (will get more into that on a later date, had a big impact on what I’m doing), I do not have a permanent address, and I work temp jobs in between my trips. In my blogs I hope to cover many topics, including finding temp jobs with free lodging, traveling overseas on a budget, traveling as a solo female, and also some deeper topics like traveling with anxiety or depression (or both, if you’re like me), and also how to deal with homesickness or loneliness.

Any of that sound helpful or interesting? Yes? No? Well, if anything, you may get a kick out of some of my stories since I usually tend to get into some sort of awkward situation. Well, this post will be short and sweet (I’m still trying to figure out the site, so I’m sorry if it looks funky).Keep an eye out for further posts! I’m hoping to get at least one up a week, if not more. Happy traveling!


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